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Biotech Products Services & Research Inc. focuses on a lifestyle of health and wellness. Our vision is to be a vertically integrated science based company, developing and distributing ethical based regenerative technologies and products to exceed patient’s expectations and improve their quality of life. Biotech aims to be the pioneers of the new generation of regenerative medicine with our unique strategy, which will guide a future of customized disease management and a cutting edge skin care line.

Based out of Florida, we specialize in research, manufacturing, development and dispatch of regenerative management protocols and products for disease management including inflammatory and Anti-aging and regeneration conditions for patients all over the world. We specialize in anti-aging and natural regenerative medicine.
We focus on both beauty from within and beauty from without. With this in mind we opened our first ladies retail boutique called Ethan New York.
We focus on both beauty from within and beauty from without. With this in mind we opened our first ladies retail boutique called Ethan New York.

BPSR also provides cellular products to doctors and hospitals worldwide, and is planning to patent several products for anti-aging, regeneration and cosmetics.

BPSR sells cellular based products made for medical, anti-aging and cosmetic purposes. We have a patient referral network, which allows patients to be treated for various medical conditions within our own network of doctors. Cellular disease managements, are provided to individual patients by their physician, where as many other products are sold all over the world in clinics, hospitals, spas and retail stores.

Key Facts

We aim to be the leader in the industry of innovative cell-based therapeutics with our platform, which will guide a future of customized therapies and medicine that change the outcomes of disease and the face of medicine as we know it.

Cellular management is among the most auspicious medical technologies of our era. Cell management supports and repairs damaged tissue and organs, and can be used to renew and even restore the haemopoietic (blood and lymph) system of cancer patients.

Rapidly expanding company focusing on the development and clinical application of inventive cell-based therapeutics in the US.
Capable and highly committed specialists working in the science and medical fields, governed by the reverance human life and health.
Cell therapy product contract manufacturer dedicated to maintaining potent expertise and knowledge.

Stem cells are cells that are capable of both regeneration and differentiation, undergoing asymmetric division, where one of the daughter cells maintains the properties of the original cell and the other begins to become a more specialized cell type.

Because of this, they are key to normal human development and a potential source of new cells that can repair diseased or damaged tissue.

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